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This is NOT our new webstore!  This is our current website.  We were a little off on when our new store would be ready to launch…it should be this week (we hope).  Don’t give up on it…it looks great and we will have a soft launch shortly and then take some time to tweak and fine-tune it.

Fair Prices…Fair Grading…Friendly People!

We are a family owned coin shop…a real coin shop, not a jewelry store and have personally been in the coin and bullion business for over 38 years.  We buy and sell raw and slabbed U.S. and foreign coins and currency specializing in better condition and better date coins.  If you collect, compare the inventories of other shops to ours.  You’ll find our inventory extensive with a lot of conservatively graded and fairly priced coins.  We offer immediate delivery on gold and silver bullion.  In gold, we stock American Gold Eagles and Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, and 1-oz Gold Bars.  Plus we often have other foreign gold bullion coins selling at melt or just a touch over.  In silver, we stock 1oz rounds, 10oz bars, 100oz bars, American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Wartime silver nickels, and 40% and 90% U.S. silver coins.  In addition, we stock 1oz silver items such as Chinese Pandas, Australian Kookaburras, Canadian Wolves, etc.  We also carry $1, $2½, $5, $10, and $20 U.S. gold coins.  We stock a nice group of small size, large size, and fractional currency as well.  In addition, you’ll find two sections of “Net Priced” U.S. and foreign coins at up to 60% or more off retail.  And we haven’t forgotten the basics such as proof and mint sets, state/territorial/national park quarters, golden presidential dollars, late date B.U. singles and proof singles, supplies and much more.  You’ll find our grading conservative and our pricing fair.


We purchase collections, accumulations, estates, raw U.S. and Foreign coins, slabbed coins, currency, gold and silver bullion, and gold jewelry scrap, dental gold, sterling flatware and sterling jewelry scrap.  Bring your coins, currency and scrap in for our immediate CASH offer.  In addition, we offer free VERBAL appraisals.  Our offer will be fair and competitive.  And if your collection warrants it, we’ll come to your home or bank to make you a no-nonsense CASH offer.  We’ll do our best to earn your trust and your business!  As we stated above, we’ve been doing just that for over 38 years!

And importantly, if you have a better item, we’ll point it out to you and make you an offer commensurate with it’s real value…we won’t “steal” it from you by lumping it into a buy offer as a common item.  That’s not right and we simply won’t do it. 


Shop hours are:

Tuesday through Friday 10:00-5:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00
Closed Sunday and Monday
(or by appointment)


No games or misleading statements!  Just consistently fair prices and excellent service!  That’s what you’ll find at The Coin Market, LLC!


Please note, we do not ship coins...we sell coins only here in the shop and at coin shows.

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